Many people are confused about how the Law Of Attraction works. This is why many of them think it is a scam. And that is also because there is a lot of information out there that is misrepresented. Therefore, if there is a lot of information that is misrepresented, then, of course, it will be seen as a scam. That pretty much goes for anything.

With that said, let’s clear up some of the confusion in regards to the Law Of Attraction and let’s talk about 5 things you did not know about it.

1. The Most Important Thing Is To Know What You Want To Attain

In order for the Law Of Attraction to work, you must be crystal clear on what you want. If you, for instance, want to become a writer and your goal is to make $100,000 a year, then focus on that – and then create a plan of action. The Law Of Attraction will not work for those who are ‘wishy-washy’, because clarity is the most important thing.

2. It Will Not Work Unless You Create A Realistic Plan Of Action

You have your goal, and that is the first step. What will you do in order to attain it? What steps will you take? Continuing with the example of becoming a writer:

Do you have a writing portfolio? If not, you can always create one by writing some articles that are of the best quality. Then if you don’t know where to find clients, why not open up an account at so clients can start coming to you. Make sure you do excellent work for them so you get consistently high ratings.

Start your prices low so you gain experience, and you can always raise them once you get a certain number of glowing ratings. Will you make $100,000 from Fiverr alone? It could happen but let’s assume it is unlikely. But don’t worry about that right now. You’ll see where this is going. The point is, create a starting point when it comes to taking action for what you want to do. Allow it to grow as you are consistent with going after it.

3. The More Confident You Become, The More You Will Branch Out

This is how things will start to shift. The more confident you are in attaining your goal as you are moving towards it, then you can take bigger steps to go after it. Let’s go back to the writer for example. The writer is doing well on Fiverr, has increased their prices, and is looking for other places to find writing clients. They are sending applications consistently.

4. One Negative Thought Is Not Going To Attract Negativity As Long As You Don’t Lose Your Focus

You know what? Everyone has bad days, bad moments, pessimistic thoughts. It happens. If it did not happen it would mean you are not human. So don’t worry. One negative thought due to disappointment or frustration is not going to stop you from going after your goal. Just let it pass through, don’t lose your focus, and you will be back to going after what you want. What will hurt you is if you become consistently pessimistic and you are losing your focus as a result. But a bad day will not otherwise.

The writer could have had a rejection or a poor rating, and that never makes anyone feel good. But moving forward and continuing to go after the goal is what matters.

5. The Result May Be Different From What You Envision

The writer has a goal of $100,000 to make a year. That does not mean it won’t happen. But it means it may happen in an unexpected way. Perhaps it means they will encounter something or someone that will open up something new to them to get them there. The point is, focus on your goal, but don’t worry about how you will attain it. Just do the work, and let the Universe take care of the rest.

The Law Of Attraction is not hard if you have a crystal clear focus of what you want, as well as a plan of action to utilize. Just don’t get caught up on the details of how you will attain your goal. And one bad day isn’t going to hurt you as long as it ends!