Many countries have been on lockdown since March (and even earlier in some cases). Some countries around the world have lifted the lockdown but it is not ending just yet in the majority of places. As I’m sure you’re well aware, being in self-quarantine with the family can increase levels of stress and tension. Being with your family 24/7 can get to you and your family members which will only lead to clashes, arguments, or at the very least feelings of resentment.

That feeling of resentment will be displayed by passive-aggressive behaviors and sarcasm. If this is what you are doing as the result of being around your family too much, then it is time to look at these 5 tips to deal with stress and tension in the family during the lockdown.

1. Encourage Your Family To Talk About How They Are Feeling

You know that communication goes a long way. If you make it a daily habit to talk to your family about how they are feeling and doing, that will be helpful. If your family members can feel strong enough to be open and honest, that will help reduce a lot of tension they are feeling. Talking about emotions is helpful as it helps to release stress and tension alone. Be sure to be open and honest with them about how you are feeling as well.

2. Be Looser With The Rules

You are dealing with more than enough stress from this eerie situation. If your kids are in front of their screens more often, then let them be in front of their screens. You are too tired to keep the rules any tighter and this is not a time to worry about it too much. Now, this does not mean to allow your kids to be in front of screens all day but just relax with the rules with that – and with everything else.

3. Do Enjoyable Activities Together

You can relieve the tension and stress in the family by doing relaxing activities together such as playing board games, doing arts and crafts, and just having fun conversations. This will help all of your family members feel less stressed during these uncertain times.

4. Honor Your Feelings And Honor Their Feelings

You are all going to be stressed right now. Honor those feelings and don’t hide how you feel. Honor the feelings that your family members will have as well. This is a strange time when emotions are all over the place.

5. You Need Distance And Privacy

Being around anyone 24/7 literally will cause you to be more stressed. You need privacy and alone time. Be sure to make that happen. Your family members will need that as well. If you have your alone time and they have theirs then that will help relieve tension. But you want to make sure you spend some time with them as well.

If you utilize these tips then you will be able to cope better as a family. Remember, this will not last even though it feels as if it will.