Currently, the world is on lockdown and you may be looking to be productive at home since you have more time on your hands. That is easy to do as you can be both productive and make some money. Whether you were a ‘non-essential’ worker that needed to shut your work down during this temporary time such as a salon owner, or you have extra time on your hands – luckily there are ways you can make money at home. Some may be slow to build up but with consistency, they will.

1. Offer Freelancing Services

If you have a gift in writing, virtual assistance, editing, social media management, SEO, or graphic design, you can offer these services. You can open up an account at, or and find clients through that. You can also offer these services through your local online newspaper.

2. Do Lots Of Surveys

There are plenty of platforms that are legitimate that will pay you for doing surveys and other tasks such as Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, or Survey Junkie. These will keep you busy and you will want to sign up for a lot. The site Cashcrate has many excellent resources for making money on other sites such as those.

These platforms can also offer you other ways to make money such as playing games or watching videos and rating them.

3. Become A Tutor

You can become an online tutor if you feel you can. There are some requirements that you may need if you decide to go this route. One option is Chegg Tutors. You may need a Bachelor’s Degree as well as experience with working with kids.

4. Transcription

You can become a transcriber as there are so many business owners that need their videos or audios transcribed in written form. Perhaps they need it for pamphlets, blogging material, or newsletters. The list goes on. However, transcribers are needed and companies such as Rev and TranscribeMe offer platforms for those who want to make money this way.

5. Create A Course

Do you have a skill that you want to teach people? Great! You will want to put it to great use by creating a course. You can make money and teach others your skills. For instance, if you are a pro gardener and you want to teach others your tips to help them become pro gardeners, then you can create a course about that. Platforms such as Udemy or Teachable will give you the opportunity to share your knowledge and make money at the same time.

You may even enjoy doing these things for the longterm which means you could end up making a decent income with some of the options. Good luck!