Life is expensive, and no one can doubt that, and for those who are struggling financially, they feel it more. That means they are the ones who are scrambling to just afford their basics like food and utilities, and as a result, they miss out on entertainment. Unfortunately, because the cost of living nowadays is high, those who do not watch their dollars are at risk for ending up in a serious financial problematic state.

However, the good news is, you can be able to more than just get by and even indulge in some entertainment if you are very frugal. If you are unsure of how to become frugal, let’s talk about that in a moment. However, the one thing to stress is that being frugal is not the same as being cheap.

Being cheap is purposely withholding on spending any money by not wanting to spend on basics like toilet paper. Those who are truly cheap will even find ways to reuse the same toilet paper which is downright gross and unhealthy. We don’t want you to be cheap. You want to be frugal, which is by spending on the necessities and even being able to spend on entertainment, but in a careful way. Let’s go over 5 ways that you can live a frugal and enjoyable life:

1. Cancel Subscriptions You Don’t Need – You will want to evaluate on the subscriptions you have, and see if there is any value in you continuing on with using them. If you are spending on subscriptions that you are not even using, it is time to cancel the subscription so you have more money to spend on something else worthwhile.

2. Don’t Buy It If You Really Don’t Want It Or Need It – Are you tempted to buy a novelty item that you think is cute but you also know you will become bored with it in no time – and you also have no use for it? Well, don’t give in to the temptation and don’t spend your money. You will be glad you didn’t in the end because that would also be an item taking up space!

3. Clip Coupons – Go online and find coupons for items that you need or want so you can save! Remember that if you get a coupon for something that is only 50 cents off, use it and make a habit of it. Remember, the more coupons you use, the more it adds up which will become significant savings! You will want to join sites like Groupon to get deals and discounts on dining out, as well as for other forms of entertainment!

4. Look For Deals – There are always cool deals and discounts to take advantage of! Be on the lookout for those all of the time. Do you need a new computer? Well, you can get it but look for the best deal when you are ready to shop for it!

5. Think Freebies – This may sound more like being cheap, but it is not. Apply to point cards when you go to the movies, go grocery shopping or go shopping anywhere that offers points cards. If you accumulate enough points, you can get freebies! Also, there are excellent freebie resources online you will want to take advantage of!

By applying these tips on a consistent and on a regular basis, you will start saving a lot and begin to become a lot less panicky about your finances!