Ordinary toothpicks have some uses beyond picking your teeth after eating a chewy meal. Many use it for serving individual appetizers or use it for measuring the moisture for something baking in the oven. However, ordinary toothpicks can also be used for other purposes that you may not have thought of. Let’s go over 5 things that you can use toothpicks for that may even make your life easier!

1. Cleaning Cracks And Crevices In Electric Devices

It is easy for dirt and debris to get stuck in electronic devices such as remote controls. It is not easy to clean the cracks and crevices in those devices. The areas around the keys, for instance, can easily collect dirt. And cleaning them out is challenging unless you use toothpicks to do that. You can use toothpicks to remove the dirt in those cracks so you can keep your devices clean.

2. Applicator For Glue

It can be hard to glue certain types of things together as some types of crafts only require a little bit of glue. However, it can cover up the whole area which can end up ruining the craft you are doing. Therefore, toothpicks can be great applicators for gluing some things together that don’t require too much glue.

3. A Cooking Pot Steam Release

When you are cooking something with the lid covered, you know that you could easily burn your hands if you pick up the lid. This is why the best thing to do is to allow steam to get released before you pick up the lid. When a covered pot is done with heating up on the stove, you can take a toothpick and then put it underneath the lid. This way some space opens up and allows the steam to come out of it. And enough steam will be released to the point that it will become cooler to the touch so you can pick up the lid with your hands.

4. Removing Garlic From Soup Or Stews

Some people enjoy eating garlic cloves in their soup or stews. However, those who do not enjoy it don’t need to struggle by attempting to fish them out with spoons which are not easy to do. They can take toothpicks to remove the cloves instead which is a lot more and easier.

5. A Great Test For Moisture In Flower Pots

You do your best to keep your flowers or plants in their pots nourished by watering them. However, you don’t want to water them too much. It is the same idea as overeating. That is not good for you, and watering plants and flowers too often is not good for them. Before you water your pots, take a toothpick and test the moisture. If it is moist, then the plants or flowers do not need to be watered right away. If it is dry, then it is time to water it.

Do you know of other good uses for toothpicks? If so, share what they are!