That aluminum foil that you have in your kitchen you have been using to store food away with or bake and cook meals in the oven has some amazing other uses. Other uses that you would probably not be aware of. This means you will want to be stocking up on tinfoil for a while because it can be quite convenient.

5 Uses For Aluminum Foil That Will Save You Time

Let me tell you about 5 ways that tinfoil can make your life even more convenient.

1. Keeps That Brown Sugar Soft

Brown sugar has been known to clump up and it can be time-consuming to soften it up. You can, however, use a hack that involves the use of tinfoil in order to remove the clumps without you having to exert any energy. Set the oven at 300F and once it is preheated, you can wrap brown sugar in tinfoil. Then place the foil-covered brown sugar that is clumpy into the oven. Keep it in there for 5 minutes, and then after the time is up, it will be soft and usable again.

2. Shine That Silverware

Silverware does lose its shine and this is how tinfoil can help you restore it. Take out a baking dish, line it with tinfoil, and put 2 teaspoons of baking soda and 2 teaspoons of salt on it. Then boil up some water, and pour it in, and then submerge the silverware. All you have to do is allow it to soak for 5 minutes. Then take it out and rinse it, and the silverware will be nice and shiny again.

3. Clean Cast Iron Cookware

Your cast-iron cookware will have grease accumulated over time, and after unsuccessfully cleaning it for so long, you may be tempted to just replace it. Have you tried the tinfoil trick yet? Probably not. That is why you will want to create a ball out of a sheet of tinfoil, Scrunch it up into a ball and then scrub the grease off. It works and your cookware will be clean again.

4. Keep Scissors Sharp

If you think your scissors are beginning to become dull, then here is a trick for you to keep it sharp. Take a piece of aluminum foil, and then fold it 3 times over. Then you will begin to cut it. This will take a lot of effort but the scissors will sharpen by doing this.

5. Funnel

If you have flowers in a vase, for instance, you will need a funnel in order to water it properly. And the easiest thing to do is to create a funnel by using a sheet of tinfoil. Make it into a cone-shape funnel and you can pour the water in that way.

Do you know of other cool uses for tinfoil? Why not share if you do?