Your birthday happens to fall into the spring season and as you know, most places around the world are on lockdown. Social distancing tactics are required to be in place in order to slow the spread of the virus. This means there can not be any big events such as birthday parties in person. Even once businesses begin to open up closer to the summer in most places, social distancing tactics will need to be implemented for a long time.

Therefore, those who have birthdays in the summer (and potentially the fall until a vaccine is out) may have to do their birthday celebration differently. This is why this has been a time to think outside of the box when it comes to celebrations, and this means doing them virtually. Here are 5 virtual birthday party ideas if your birthday is coming up.

1. Have A Zoom Party

Zoom is a video platform that has been utilized a lot since the lockdown was put into place. Zoom is a great platform when it comes to hosting a birthday party virtually. You can ‘invite’ others to your virtual party. Give them instructions on making sure they have fun party food and a cupcake that can be saved for the birthday cake time (give them instructions on the type of cupcake to get so you can all celebrate it at once). Have some party favors in your background. Go chat and celebrate, have fun.

2. Have A Netflix Birthday Party

Netflix is hot right now, and if the ideal birthday party for you is to have a Netflix party, you can make that happen. You can schedule a virtual watch party, and you can download the Netflix party Chrome extension. This way, you and your friends can watch the same flick at the same time. There is a chat room as well so you can talk about the movie and about other things. Grab some snacks and have some fun.

3. Have A Virtual Workout Party

If you would prefer to have an active birthday party and you are the one that enjoys working out, then consult your local yoga studio or gym. Many of them live streaming that is free. Find a workout that is virtual. Have your friends login at once. Do a workout, and when you are done, go eat a hearty meal and enjoy some cupcakes for dessert.

4. Go To A Museum Virtually

There are plenty of museums that give virtual tours from around the world. They are free and have your friends go to the museum of your choice virtually and set up a group chat on Facebook or WhatsApp and talk about the cool things you find. Don’t forget to tell everyone to get snacks!

5. Have A Themed Party Via Skype or Zoom

Do you like the idea of having a theme party whether it is a Hollywood one, or a StarTrek one, why not make it that way? Your friends can dress up in costumes that are relevant to the theme as they attend your virtual birthday party. Don’t forget the snacks as well. Talk about anything that has to do with the theme or anything else that is on your mind.

Even though a virtual birthday party is not like the real thing, you can still have a fun time while spending time with those who you care about – even at a distance.