“I have felt cats rubbing their faces against mine and touching my cheek with claws carefully sheathed. These things, to me, are expressions of love.” – James Herriot

Are you unsure of what your feline friend is thinking, and are you wondering if he or she loves you? That’s pretty understandable, considering that cats often seem to only “tolerate” their humans. And what cat parent hasn’t experienced a moment in which their feline friends made it painfully clear that they need their space alone from time to time?

But worry not, dear cat people – there is a great chance that your feline friend loves you.

5 Ways Cats Show That They Love You

Let’s look at five ways that cats show that they really do care.

1. Eye Blinks

When cats are blinking their eyes when you are petting them and giving them love, that is a sign that they love you as well. Those eye blinks are called cat kisses, and there is a reason that they are called that. They show their owners a lot of affection by gently blinking their eyes in your presence. They love you!

2. Their Tails Say A Lot

Kitties express their emotions through their tails and most cat owners are aware of the signs of fear and aggression that they use with their tails. However, they also express love as well by using their tails such as twinning tails around the arms or legs of their favorite people. They also enjoy relaxing with their favorite people and will rest their tails on them as well, and they also fluff out the base as well with a slight quiver. Pay attention to the cat’s tails and that will tell you a lot!

3. Cheek Rubs

This is a sign of love that cats display that many people would know. Cheek rubbing is a way that they show love and affection, and they do so with those who they trust as well even if they like them but not necessarily love them. This is also a sign of socializing and that is why a cat will rub cheeks with those who they like. They have scent glands on their cheeks, and pheromones are produced from them and they rub it on those who they like or love.

4. Head Bunt

Another way that cats use their scents to get onto those who they love is through head bunting or butting. They will rest their heads onto you and the scent glands on their heads will deliver the scents that they want to have on their favorite humans. So the next time your cat is giving you a head butt, then that is a sign of affection and love. Your kitty loves you.

5. Hanging Out With You

The simplest way to know that a cat loves you is through their desire to hang around you. They will follow you wherever you go and they will sit on your lap. They would not do that for those who they don’t like!

Now you do not need to wonder whether or not your cat loves you because chances are you can recall each time your cat has displayed those gestures of love and affection! You are their favorite human!