Hairspray is only for spraying hair right? You would think since that is what it really is designed for – styling hair and keeping it in one place. However, you’d be surprised to know that hairspray has other uses as well. And these uses are quite useful in life as they can be part of some major easily life hacks. Let’s talk about 5 great things that hairspray can be used for that no one really tells you about.

1. Removing Fur

Whether you have a shedding dog or a cat, you love your furry friend. However, you don’t love the fur that they leave around on your floors and furniture. It gets tiring to have to clean it up all of the time. However, hairspray can help you with that. What you can do is take a cloth, spray hairspray in it, Let it dry even though it will remain sticky. Then take the sprayed part of the cloth and use it to pick up pet hair. It is so easy. It works for removing dust and lint as well.

2. It Helps To Get Rid Of Static Cling

If you don’t have Static Guard, you don’t need to worry. Your ordinary hairspray will do because it is composed of water as well as alcohol. A spray of that will help keep static electricity neutralized.

3. Makes Sewing Done Easily

It is frustrating when the tip of the thread is frayed and cannot go through the eye of the needle. However, a spray of hairspray at the tip of the thread will prevent it from fraying. Therefore, it will go right through the thread of the needle. The trick is to do it before you attempt it though so it makes the job easy.

4. It Gets Rid Of Insects

Insect repellent is full of chemicals that you don’t want to inhale. And you don’t want to use it, but how do you get rid of the bugs? A spray of hairspray will do. It is safer to use than traditional insect repellent and it does the job that you want. additionally, it even repels bees which is why you most definitely want to keep some hairspray on hand.

5. Hairspray Prevents Pantyhose Runs

The one thing that any woman would worry about when it comes to putting pantyhose on is if a run will happen and ruin it. However, there is some great news about that. They don’t have to worry about a run ruining the pantyhose if they give their pantyhose good spraying before putting it on. It will protect the material from a potential run from happening.

The next time you go shopping, be sure to grab a few cans of hairspray if you don’t have any already. It can make your life a lot easier in many ways. Do you know of other ways that hairspray can help you out? If so, why not share them?