You have had moments where you wish you had something that someone else did, and you may even feel envious of them. However, envy itself is a human emotion that is quite normal. Jealousy on the other hand is not an emotion that you really want to become stuck to as it can cause you to forget about the good things you do have.

What is the difference between envy and jealousy?

Envy is a feeling you get when you wish you had something that someone else does. However, envy passes and it does not include resentment. Jealousy on the other hand is envy with resentment and it doesn’t just pass as you can be jealous for a long time. Jealousy can be quite destructive in many ways if you allow it to take over.

Jealousy can ruin your relationships that you do have with others, and cause you to forget about the things in your life that are going right. It can turn you into someone bitter.

5 Ways to Crush Jealousy and Feel Better About Yourself

The good news is that there are 5 easy ways to stop feeling so jealous of others which will be talked about right now below.

1. Focus On What Is Right In Your Life

Yes, you may not have what the other person does who you are jealous of. And this is why it is important to focus on the things that are going right in your life and what is good in your life. If you look hard enough you will not have a hard time finding it.

2. Remember That No One Has A Perfect Life

The one thing that is easy to forget is that things are never really what they seem. The one who you may be jealous of may have something sinister going on or is facing a major challenge that you would have no idea about. Some people may have it ‘easier’ than you overall, but even so, their lives are far from perfect. If you are jealous of someone because they have a large home, healthy kids, a kind spouse that makes a lot of money – then what you may not know is that someone in that household is facing an incurable illness.

3. Don’t Hang Around With People That Value Superficial Things

If you are hanging around people that value the wrong things such as possessions, and you end up finding that you cannot measure up – that will cause you to feel quite jealous. And you will be jealous of others who have more expensive things that you won’t be able to afford. It is also never a good idea to hang around those who travel often if you are lucky to find one week to go somewhere locally for vacation.

4. Hang Around Those Who Are Grateful

When you are hanging around those who are grateful for what they do have, you will find yourself living a life in gratitude as well. You may begin to start a gratitude journal and if you can find just 3 things a day you are grateful for as well, you will be a lot less jealous of others.

5. Life Is Not A Competition

Remember that everyone has their unique challenges and gifts. Others are in different parts of their journeys than you are. You cannot compare your point A to someone’s point Z. Life is simply not a competition.