“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.” ~Duke Ellington

2020 graduates are really getting the short end of the stick. Many won’t be able to celebrate the most common milestones that most of us got to enjoy. They won’t go to a traditional prom, and they won’t get to walk the stage to be handed their diplomas as their parents and family beam with pride from the audience.

It isn’t fair. But it’s what we’ve got to deal with at this time in history. If your child is a senior at high school or college and due to graduate this year, you’re probably really sad to realize that there will not be a ceremony due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This can be very upsetting for a lot of seniors, as well as their parents.

After all, this is a rite of passage into adulthood that is cherished and anticipated throughout their years in school. Sure, many schools may have small ceremonies for graduates after the pandemic eases and things open up months from now. However, your high school senior will still feel as if they are missing out by not having a graduation ceremony or party at the time of graduating.

Fortunately, there are some really creative ways to celebrate your child’s 2020 graduation at home which will help them feel as if they are not missing out.

1. Have A Video Chat Party

Video chat parties are a thing right now as many people have had birthdays, as they have had video chat parties. They may have a video chat party on a Saturday night as well to have a virtual get-together. You can host a video chat party for your graduate as well as their friends can virtually attend. Grab some fun snacks from the supermarket as well. This is the next best thing to having a typical party – and the safest.

2. Create A Graduation Wish-List

Have your child tell you what gifts they want for their graduation as this is the best time to sit down and create a wish list. You can then send it off to your extended family and they can surprise your child with some nice graduation gifts.

3. Do A Creative Photoshoot

Your child may have had grad photos taken before the pandemic hit. Even so, you can always find some creative ways to do a photoshoot to celebrate their accomplishment and major milestone. And go and have fun with it as well. Years ahead you and your child will look back and recall living through these very strange times in history. This photoshoot will definitely be a conversation piece for years to come since they are 2020 graduates.

4. Video Tributes Mean A Lot

You can collect video tributes from friends and family members as they can record messages for your child to congratulate them on their graduation. Ask them as well to share words of wisdom or a story from the past. Ask them to share anything they choose that will be touching that is for you and your child.

5. Encourage Your Kids To Plan A Future Celebration With Friends

This pandemic will end at some point, and it will be safe once again to be up close and personal with friends. This is a time to help your kids plan what they want to do when that time comes as this is a way to reassure them that Coronavirus will become a memory one day.

Life might feel really disappointing to grads right now, but you can make yours feel special at this time by doing any of these 5 things.