Do you have a child that has birthdays on the dates of January 21st or February 19th, or on a day that is in between those dates? Then he or she is an Aquarius, and this is the most unique sun sign of the zodiac. You may find that your Aquarian child is picky about certain things and is clearly unhappy as well at times. Do you know what you can do to make your Aquarian child happy? Because if you utilize these 5 tips, then you will have a happier child on your hands.

1. Keep The Mind Stimulated

Aquarians need to have their minds stimulated as often as possible. They need to read educational books, play educational games, and do puzzles. They want to constantly be challenged but in a reasonable way. This means your Aquarian kid will be the happiest when he or she is staying productive. The last thing that he or she wants to be is bored. That will most definitely make this child quite unhappy.

2. Give Your Child Space

Aquarians need space and they also need their privacy. Don’t take it personally when your child wants to stay in his or her room for a while. This is what they need and they will go spend time with you when they feel they have had their alone time. Whatever you do, don’t hover over your Aquarian child. This will be quite agitating to him to her.

3. Don’t Force Your Child To Conform Too Much

Kids need to know the rules and need to abide by them and as much as your Aquarian child that desires so much personal freedom doesn’t like that, in this particular case, there is no choice. However, when it comes to how the Aquarian child wants to dress or when it comes to the foods they want to eat, as long as the food is not unhealthy, allow them to do what they want.

If your Aquarian daughter wants to wear a ponytail on the side even though that is not in style, allow her to do that. She doesn’t want to be like the other girls. If your Aquarian son wants to wear his shirt inside out, as long as it is clean, allow him to do that.

4. Don’t Disturb Their Visions For The Future

Aquarians are visionaries by nature and if your child tells you about visions that he or she has for the future, don’t get into the way of it no matter how far out it may seem to you. This means if your Aquarian child wants to be an astronaut one day, then allow the child to dream. It may come true or it may not, and that will be for your child to experience, not for you to judge.

5. Always Answer Their Questions

An Aquarius has a curious mind and a child that has this sun sign will ask plenty of questions to the point that some of them may make you feel uncomfortable. Answer them regardless, even if you have to struggle to find a G-rated answer for the questions that are not appropriate. It will only frustrate them more if you don’t answer them.

If you have an Aquarian child and you know of other ways to pacify him or her, please share.