Staying clean and practicing good hygiene is always important to do. However, it was not such a focus before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. And now everyone is worried about how they can stay clean, and keep their surroundings clean. The last thing anyone wants to do is risk catching the virus whether they are symptomatic or not. Because there is that valid worry of passing it onto others that may be weak and vulnerable.

Let’s go over how to stay clean when you are entering questionable areas (and this will also apply after the COVID-19 pandemic ends).

1. Wear Disposable Gloves

You do not need to wear disposable gloves if you are doing your everyday grocery shopping or going out to get essential services after this pandemic is over. However, in the meantime, it is important to do that. But after this pandemic passes, if you are having to clean the fridge by grabbing old decayed food that has been laying around in there – or if you are having to clean unsanitary places such as the bathroom, you will want to wear gloves while you clean. There are plenty of harmful bacteria lurking around and you don’t want to come in contact with it.

2. Always Wash Your Hands After Being Away From Home Or After Handling Something

This is a time when people are urged to keep washing their hands, and washing them well for 20 seconds by using soap and water. A good lather up is what is needed in order to remove the germs. That means anytime you have been out, even if you were wearing gloves, you need to wash your hands well. Remember that you may have come in contact with germs while taking the gloves off. Do the same after you handle something that has been outside of your home.

3. Wash The Back Of Your Hands

Many people make the mistake by not lathering up soap on the back of their hands. They only wash their palms, You need to wash your entire hands in order to really stay clean. The germs can get anywhere on your hands.

4. Wash Off Soap Residue Completely

Any soap residue that is leftover will actually attract germs and viruses. This is one mistake that many people make when it comes to handwashing. Be sure that when you are scrubbing your hands to do it thoroughly and well and make sure every ounce of the soap residue is gone when you are done.

5. Use Clean Towels Or Paper Towels To Dry Off

If you are using old hand towels that have not been washed for days to dry your hands, then you are just reintroducing germs onto your hands. Be sure to replace hand towels every 2 days, and wash them on a hot water cycle with bleach, or use a paper towel to dry your hands.

You also know that it is important to not touch your face, and you need to shower once a day as well. Staying clean and healthy is a priority right now!