Are you often struggling to fall asleep as you find yourself tossing and turning right after hitting the sack, and sometimes you are tossing and turning for a good hour before you really are close to being drowsy enough to drift off? If so, you are not alone.

You already are aware that consuming caffeine or sugar right before bedtime and looking at screens can get into the way of you getting the much-needed zzz’s you need.

However even if you not drinking that coffee, or eating those sweets, or going online right before to bed and you are still struggling, here are 5 tips you will want to utilize that will help you get that much-needed sleep:

1. Create A Bedtime Routine

What will a bedtime routine look like? You will need to create one. That can involve doing some yoga and meditating before bed and be sure to do at the same time each night. If you create a routine for bedtime, then that will help you get into the mindset of going to sleep.

2. Read A Boring Book

You don’t want to read a book that will keep you too engaged or else it will stimulate your mind too much which is the last thing you will want to see happen right before going to bed. A racing mind will keep you awake. The best thing to do in a dimly lit room, go read a really boring book. If you don’t have one, then it is a good investment to make. Think about a topic that bores you and get a book on that because it will help you get drowsy, and then you will have a much better time falling asleep. You can even read the dictionary!

3. Take A Relaxing Bath

A warm bath before bed is going to relax you, and it will help get you drowsy. Staying in a bathtub for a half-hour will make you drowsy enough to fall asleep (but not while you are in the bath). You can add a dash of lavender essential oil to help relax you even more as that is quite sedating.

4. Enjoy Some Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea will help you fall asleep if you drink some right before bed. Chamomile has properties that will help you relax and become drowsy and this is why the best time to drink it is late at night. Just beware of one thing though. If you tend to go to the bathroom a lot after drinking tea, then perhaps this hack is not the ideal one for you. It will defeat the purpose otherwise.

5. Count Sheep

This tip is one that seems to be unoriginal but it can work. If you count sheep then you will get drowsy to the point that you will drift off to sleep. And when you do it don’t think too hard, just see the sheep flying as you count them.

Do you have any hacks to unwind before bed? If so let’s hear them.