Spring is officially here, and I know we’re all feeling excited about it. Many cultures around the world consider the first day of spring the start of their new year. It kind of makes sense considering it’s a season that represents growth, renewal and new beginnings.

Even if it’s not the start of the New Year, there are tons of spring celebrations that happen around the world. Some have deep historical roots and others are a little more modern. Whatever the reason, though, they’re all pretty extraordinary. Check out our favorite ones below.

Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake
There is a hill by Gloucester, England that is famous not because of its size or beauty, but because of an annual cheese rolling competition.

The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Competition has been going on for centuries and happens every spring. Although no one knows the exact origins of this world-famous tradition, it’s certainly entertaining, which is enough reason to check it out!

What comes to mind when you think of spring? You probably think of fresh flowers, birds chirping, and rainy days. But do you think of eggs? Well, that’s what comes to mind for the Bosnian town of Zenica.

Cimburijada, better known around the world as “festival of scrambled eggs”, is a tradition that has been going on for hundreds of years. For the people of Zenica, eggs represent new life so eggs are cooked in large pots throughout the town and given away for free.

To the people of Poland, the drowning of Marzanna represents the end of winter. Marzanna is a doll that people make out of straw and other basic materials only to be thrown in large bodies of water. This tradition symbolizes the death of winter and welcomes the newness of spring.

This weeklong celebration takes place in Valencia, Spain and is a great event for those who like a good laugh and lots of fire. Yes, that’s right, fire. Millions of people gather in medieval costumes, party, and create paper mâché dolls that they fill with firecrackers and burn them. All of this is done to ring in the spring.

Songskran Water Festival
Songskran is Thailand’s New Years holiday, and it’s full of activities and tradition. On this day younger generations spend time with their elders, enjoy some peace at a Buddhist monastery, and take part in huge water throwing events to ward off evil spirits.

Holi Festival
What would a list of springtime celebrations be without the internationally known Holi Festival in northern India? This traditional Hindu holiday has gained attention all over the world because of its colorful tradition of chalk throwing. Smaller Holi festivals have even been started in cities all over the map so other people could join in on the fun.

Even though you probably missed out on all the springtime fun this year, there’s always next year. Which one of these spring celebrations do you want to attend?