When people think about neurological disorders/conditions (ADHD specifically), they often only think about the negative points and how hard life must be for the people who have this condition, and while it is true that individuals with ADHD and other conditions often have more challenges in life to face there are also some benefits to having ADHD such as the ones listed below:

1. ADHD Hyperfocus

Hyperfocus in ADHD is a great advantage- if you can effectively channel all of your energy and attention into work, that makes a difference. It is said that many successful writers, scientists, and artists with ADHD have done very well in their careers, in large part because of their ability to focus on something for hours on end.

2. ADHD Resilience

ADHD isn’t always an easy thing to live with; we’ve all faced our fair share of disappointments and embarrassments over the years. But people with ADHD are skillful at adapting new strategies, pushing back setbacks from the past, and moving forward better than ever.

3. A Strong Sense of Fairness

After having accommodations for certain things in life or living without them and possibly struggling because of that, people with ADHD understand that because something may be ”fair,” it doesn’t always mean that it is “equal.” They know that different people need different things to be successful, and they are more than happy to help whenever they can.

4. Willingness to Take Risks

Thomas Edison, who was strongly believed to have had ADHD, put tons of effort toward inventing the light bulb even when it seemed impossible. He eventually created a functioning light bulb after more than 3,000 tries which made his victory absolutely amazing because he had to risk a lot and fail a lot.

5. ADHD Creativity

While it has been researched and scientifically proven that having ADHD does not make you more creative, many people with ADHD are more creative than the average person; for example, many famous artists are thought to have ADHD. Such as Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso.

6. Spontaneity

Sometimes acting on impulse can result in wonderful things such as deciding to have a party spontaneously or hang out with friends and doing something fun.

7. A Great Sense Of Humor

People with ADHD who are well adjusted have learned to use humor to cope with difficult situations, however great or small. There are also many comedians with ADHD, for instance, Howie Mandel.

As you can see, having ADHD does not have to put you at a disadvantage in life. Instead, you can look on the positive side and build upon your strengths. This will make you a happier person, and you will become more successful in life. ADHD is also a highly manageable condition, and there are many treatment options, including medication or therapy. Also, when taught the right adaptive techniques to help with the challenges of ADHD, for example, time management and organization skills, people with ADHD can improve upon their concentration.