“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” ~Zig Ziglar

One of the things that those who are naturally introverted are not comfortable with is networking and going out there and meeting others. They are doing just fine when they network through social media but when it comes to actually go out there to face a group of people, that is a whole other ballgame.

5 Tips for Introverts to Use in Networking

Here are some important tips for introverts so they can network more comfortably and easily.

1. Be Prepared And Thnk Abut What You Want To Learn From Others

If you are an introvert and the idea of meeting new people seems daunting, then you need to ask yourself what you plan to learn from others when you go out and network. And also be prepared for the fact that you will do something uncomfortable. And when you think about that, give yourself a big kudos for doing something to get out of your comfort zone.

2. Find Someone To Go With

You don’t have to go to these events alone if you really are not comfortable with doing so. If you can find a conference buddy to help you along the way while you are at the event then you will feel better. If you are unable to find someone to go with, then perhaps go to an event when you know the person who you are comfortable with is free to go with you and skip the upcoming one

3. Remember That You Are Not The Only One Feeling Overwhelmed

There is a good chance that many people at the event are also introverts and are just as afraid as you are. In fact, if you do go to an event and you see someone who is alone, why not go up to them and start talking. You never know how delighted he or she would be when you are doing that. The next thing you know that you will have a conversation with someone who you had met for the first time and had made a friend because you were brave enough to go. If you keep in mind that there are many others who are just as overwhelmed as you are, then that will help you get through these networking events easier

4. Stay In The Present

It may be very hard to keep calm if you start a conversation as you may be thinking and worrying about what can go wrong as the conversation proceeds. It is important to stay in the present and keep talking to the individual who you had met at the event. Remember that no one is judging you and just allow the conversation to flow as it is flowing.

5. Challenge Yourself To Inch Out Of Your Comfort Zone

This goes back to point #1 but you are going to want to retreat when you hear of a networking event going on. Why not challenge yourself and go to it and if you only feel comfortable with spending a half-hour, then spend a half-hour there if you don’t end up meeting someone who you can connect with. And again, if you absolutely must go with someone as it was pointed in #2, then do that as well if you can. But either way, challenge yourself to go to these events so you inch out of your comfort zone.

If you are an introvert who has found a way to network, share what tips you have utilized to make it work for you.