Are you the type that is meticulous with your work, and you are highly analytical, organized, and stay healthy? Do you tend to be overly critical of yourself because you have high expectations, and you are also critical of others? If so, you need to keep working on that. That also suggests that you have a lot of Virgo energies. Even if your Sun or Moon sign or rising sign are not in Virgo, other areas of your chart might be. Who is your ideal partner? Let’s find the five best partners for Virgo.

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Taurus is a great partner for you as they know how to calm your nervous tendencies, and they also are the type that wants to follow some routine. That brings you comfort too. You also like things to have a pattern to them, and you prefer to follow the rules and go by the book. Taurus does not mind that. The only issue that you may find is that Taurus will not change their ways, and their stubbornness can get to you. Nothing you can say or do will change their mind, and that is something to accept.


Capricorn is a great partner as you have nothing but respect for their ambitious ways, and you love how they are industrious. Capricorn respects that about you too that you take matters very seriously since Capciron is serious by nature. However, the only issue here is that neither of you is romantic, and you don’t show emotions. That means intimacy can become an issue which is something you will work on as a couple.


Cancer is a great partner for you because you are logical; while they are emotional, they listen to reason. In addition, they share similar values to you and care about their home and family. Unfortunately, their emotional side can be too much for you to bear sometimes. However, Cancer can help you become more in tune with your emotions, and you can help teach them to control them.


Scorpio is a good match for you because they are trustworthy, and they find you trustworthy since they take a lot of time to warm up to others. Even though they are intense, you know how to keep them calm, and they admire your ability to stay calm in so many situations. You both understand one another since you live in solitude and can be introverted. However, they are naturally passionate, which can overwhelm you at times. If you are critical of them in any way, they don’t take it too well.


Pisces is your opposite sign which is why you attract them. You are highly logical, and Pisces is dreamy. However, you can ground Pisces, whereas Pisces can help you get in touch with your spiritual and carefree side – because, believe it or not, you have that as a part of you. Therefore, you can help compliment one another, but that can come with some tension too.

If you are in a long-term happy relationship with someone who does not have any of these signs, other areas of your chart could be compatible with theirs. Always remember that.