Are you looking for a good movie to watch? What types of genres of movies are you into? That will help you have an idea of what flick to watch. The genre of movies that you are interested in might just boil down to your sun sign.

Let’s talk about the best movie genres based on the zodiac.

Best Movies for You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries – Action movies because this sun sign is full of energy and likes quick movement. Movies such as Mission Impossible, Deadpool, Ant-Man, or The Avengers series are great options!

Taurus – Classic movies, because they tend to sit in a relaxing place and are full of nostalgia. Movies such as Singin’ In The Rain, or Casablanca would be good options because the Taurus also has the patience to sit through those movies.

Gemini – This communicative and thoughtful sign likes the mystery genre. It is the type of movie that makes them sit and think. Movies such as Eyes Wide Shut, Prisoners, or Minority Report are good choices.

Cancer – This emotional sign loves drama movies, as they can relate to what the plots are about in these flicks. Therefore any of the Godfather movies, or 12 Years A Slave, or Lady Bird are choices for this sign that they will like.

Leo – This is a theatrical sign so Leos would like musicals as they are full of glam, which this sign appreciates. La La Land, Chicago, or The Greatest Showman are choices.

Virgo – This analytical sign would have an appreciation for thriller movies to look into and examine the details of what happens. Movies such as Get Out, 118, or Searching are ideas.

Libra – You may think that the Libra would be into chick flicks because of the social nature of the sign. However, they actually prefer war movies due to the fact that they care for justice. American Sniper, Dunkirk, or Hacksaw Ridge are ideas.

Scorpio – This intense sign would love horror and there is no doubt about that at all. That is why this sign will have an appreciation for the Hellraiser series, Insidious, or Nightmare on Elm Street series.

Sagittarius – This is the sign that is all about laughter and fun. Therefore, they would love comedies. Especially slapstick comedies such as The Naked Gun series, Dumb and Dumber, or Airplane series.

Capricorn – This is the most serious sign of the zodiac and therefore, they would appreciate non-fiction movies such as The Wolf Of Wall Street, The Pianist, or Antwone Fisher.

Aquarius – This innovative sign would have an appreciation for Sci-Fi. Therefore, movies such as The Thing, The Star Trek or Star Wars Series, or Interstellar would be the best options for them.

Pisces – This dreamy sign would love the fantasy genre. Anything to take them away from reality is what they are gravitated to such as Aquaman, The Wizard Of Oz, or Solomon Kane.

What genre do you like the most and what is your sign?