Each day, we provide a series of daily affirmations and reflections designed to help you get that ShineBuzz feeling. We suggest that you read through the affirmations (aloud if possible, in your head if not) and meditate on them for a few moments. You can also choose one or two that speak to you and carry them with you throughout the day. When you’re finished, take a few moments to answer the reflection questions at the bottom in your journal or add them into your meditation, whichever works best for you. Here are today’s affirmations and reflections.

The well-being of others is important to me, so I support them in whatever way I am able.

When people are being mistreated, I feel inclined to step in on their behalf.

I am courageous in my thoughts and actions.

Children who are taken advantage of rely on advocates to protect them. I am a protector of those who lack the ability to protect themselves.

Joining charities and non-profit organizations allows me to play an active role in fighting injustice. I am vocal when sharing ideas about keeping the less fortunate people safe from harm. I stand as a soldier in armor when I am called upon to protect.

When people at my workplace are being treated unfairly, I object in public. Letting my employer know of the injustice is my duty as a co-worker.

I rarely feel fearful about retribution or the safety of my job when I speak out on behalf of others. I know that doing the moral thing usually results in the ideal outcome for all parties. That confidence in justice is what drives me to act on behalf of others.

Today, my bravery guides my actions on behalf of those who are unable to act for themselves. I use my courage to encourage others to let go of fear in the name of justice.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What kind of injustice do I encounter on a daily basis?
2. Who do I turn to whenever a challenge is too difficult for me to face alone?
3. What lessons do I learn from standing up for others?