Each day, we provide a series of daily affirmations and reflections designed to help you get that ShineBuzz feeling. We suggest that you read through the affirmations (aloud if possible, in your head if not) and meditate on them for a few moments. You can also choose one or two that speak to you and carry them with you throughout the day. When you’re finished, take a few moments to answer the reflection questions at the bottom in your journal or add them into your meditation, whichever works best for you. Here are today’s affirmations and reflections.

I lay a foundation for success.

I make my own luck when I turn my ideas into action. I aim to top my last performance. I always win when I surpass my previous expectations.

I set realistic goals. I challenge myself without overreaching. I visualize my desired outcomes and maintain my commitment. I create intermediate targets that help me to evaluate my progress and boost my motivation.

I manage my time. I minimize distractions and keep my eye on my priorities.

I leverage my strengths. I understand my talents and abilities. I look for opportunities where I can make a contribution. I collaborate with partners who share my vision.

I gather resources. I acquire new knowledge and skills. I do my homework and line up the funds and expertise necessary for my projects to flourish.

I invite feedback and support from others. I listen with an open mind to constructive criticism and use it to enhance my performance. I reach out for assistance and guidance when I need it.

I overcome obstacles. I learn from setbacks. I persevere until I achieve my objectives.

I take care of my health. I eat nutritious foods, exercise regularly, and go to bed on a consistent schedule. I deal with stress safely by taking frequent breaks and developing relaxation methods that work for me. I keep my mind and body in peak condition.

Today, I plant the seeds for my future success. I develop my capacity to accomplish great things.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I define success?
2. What does my inner voice tell me about how I can become successful?
3. How does celebrating the success of others create more good fortune for me?