Each day, we provide a series of daily affirmations and reflections designed to help you get that ShineBuzz feeling. We suggest that you read through the affirmations (aloud if possible, in your head if not) and meditate on them for a few moments. You can also choose one or two that speak to you and carry them with you throughout the day. When you’re finished, take a few moments to answer the reflection questions at the bottom in your journal or add them into your meditation, whichever works best for you. Here are today’s affirmations and reflections.

I work well under pressure.

Pressure reminds me to stay as calm as possible and focus on one day at a time. Pressure ultimately makes me feel calm and centered. Pressure brings clarity.

I accomplish more work when I feel pressure. I feed off the pressure in my life. I use it as motivation. I use that energy to do my best and accomplish more.

Pressure is fuel for my success. It brings out the best in me.

I remind myself that all pressure is created inside of me. I can control how much pressure I feel by changing my beliefs and focus. I stay light and comfortable in any environment and situation. I control my emotions.

I feel less pressure than most people because I am free of the need to be perfect. I am able to relax and do my best regardless of the pressure I might be feeling.

I know that feeling an excessive amount of stress robs me of my happiness and my health. These are among the most important things to me, so I keep my stress levels under control.

I make the decision to be happy and healthy above everything else.

Today, I do my best work regardless of how much pressure I experience. I choose to relax and enjoy the moment. I smile and use any pressure I feel to my advantage. I work well under pressure.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When do I feel the most stressed? Why?
  2. What can I do to relax when I am feeling pressure?
  3. What negative impact does pressure have on my life?