Each day, we provide a series of daily affirmations and reflections designed to help you get that ShineBuzz feeling. We suggest that you read through the affirmations (aloud if possible, in your head if not) and meditate on them for a few moments. You can also choose one or two that speak to you and carry them with you throughout the day. When you’re finished, take a few moments to answer the reflection questions at the bottom in your journal or add them into your meditation, whichever works best for you. Here are today’s affirmations and reflections.

My health and well-being are a top priority in my life.

By treating my body properly, I maximize the chances of having a long and healthy life.

I enjoy my life and wish to get the most out of it. Looking out for my health is a smart way to maximize my success and enjoyment.

I eat a healthy diet and avoid foods that negatively affect my health. I enjoy eating good, nutritious food. Unhealthy food stays out of my home. I exercise caution and self-control when eating outside my home. It is very easy to stick to a healthy diet because my body craves healthy foods.

I know how much sleep my body requires each night and I ensure I get it. I sleep enough to wake up feeling refreshed and healthy. I greet each day with enthusiasm and high expectations.

I avoid unhealthy habits, such as smoking, drinking, drugs, and dangerous activities. I consider my health before partaking in any new activity.

Making regular trips to the doctor ensures that I am doing all I can to keep my health at the highest level.

Today, I treat my body like a temple. My body is sacred, and I give it the reverence it deserves. I eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep to enable me to make the very most of my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are three things I can begin doing immediately to take better care of my body?
2. What are three things I need to stop doing if I am going to treat my body like a temple?
3. Which healthcare professionals should I see before the end of the year?