Each day, we provide a series of daily affirmations and reflections designed to help you get that ShineBuzz feeling. We suggest that you read through the affirmations (aloud if possible, in your head if not) and meditate on them for a few moments. You can also choose one or two that speak to you and carry them with you throughout the day. When you’re finished, take a few moments to answer the reflection questions at the bottom in your journal or add them into your meditation, whichever works best for you. Here are today’s affirmations and reflections.

I continuously learn and grow.

I reflect upon my actions and their outcomes. I evaluate my progress and look for ways to work smarter. My experiences teach me important life lessons.

I open myself up to change. I am willing to break out of my comfort zone and try new things. Traveling to foreign countries or talking with my children gives me another perspective on life. My thinking becomes more innovative. I feel transformed.

I acknowledge my own power. I dare to take constructive risks because I am strong and resilient. I focus on what I have to gain.

My work helps me to develop my talents. I sign up for training and shadow other employees who excel at their jobs. I volunteer for challenging assignments and present my boss with proposals for enhancing quality and saving expenses.

My hobbies and pastimes encourage me to have fun and become more accomplished. I discover my interests and passions.

My relationships show me how to become more loving and kind. Working through conflicts helps me to face my vulnerabilities and practice forgiveness. I strive to communicate more directly and tactfully.

My spirituality deepens my understanding of my values and purpose. As I meditate, I see my path more clearly. I use my daily life as an opportunity to put my beliefs into action.

Today, I welcome new experiences. I consider myself a winner as long as I keep learning.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do my experiences change who I am?
2. How is learning from experience different from learning in a classroom?
3. What inspires me to keep learning?