The wings of the Enneagram are the neighboring sides that each core type leans on in order to balance themselves out. Therefore, if you are a Type 1, then you would either have a 2 or a 9 wing, and that would be read as 1w9 or 1w2. And you likely have one wing that is dominant. Some people however do lean on both wings.

But now that we are onto exploring Type 1, let’s talk about either the 1w9 to start.

Type 1w9 The Optimist

You are The Optimist if you are a Type 1w9. The Type 1 who leans on the 9 wing has traits of The Peacemaker type in addition to their core Type 1. Therefore, you would have the characteristics of the Type 1, but you would also be calmer and more balanced. You still have that strong sense of right from wrong. However, at the same time, you would also see both sides of an issue. And that means you would see some grey in addition to black and white.

You are also organized and analytical, but you would not be overly concerned if you had been cleaning a countertop and had missed a spot. You would clean it off without being too critical of yourself for missing it.

The way you would respond to negativity would be by directing your own emotions or you may just want to avoid them completely. You may either purposely become busy with your work or you may just withdraw from it. There is also more of a creative side with 1w9 than there is with the Type 1 core. Stubbornness is also an issue with this type.

Now, that is the overview of the 1w9, and now let’s go over 1w2 traits.

Type 1w2 The Activist

You are The Activist if you are the Type 1w2. The Type 2 is The Helper and they have a nurturing way of being. Therefore, the Type 1w2 would have mostly the traits of the core Type 1. However, you would also be more empathetic and warm even though you still have that analytical and ‘perfectionist side’. You are well aware of the needs of others.

You have a strong sense to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves such as being an activists for animals, the disabled, or the elderly. When it comes to responding to negativity, you would have moments of outbursts due to reaching a breaking point as you work through your emotions externally. That is the main difference between 1w9 and 1w2.

Those are the main points of both the Type 1w9 and the Type 1w2.