The wings of the Enneagram Type 2 are 1 and 3. And They ‘flavor’ The Helper in different ways as Type 2w1 and the 2w3 are different in many ways. The Type 2w1 is called The Companion, and the Type 2w3 is known as The Host. Let’s go over The traits of The Companion so you have a good understanding of the behaviors of this type.

Type 2w1 The Companion

When you think of a companion, you think of your wonderful and faithful dog. Therefore, the dog is known to be loyal, just the same way as Type 2w1 is known to be. If you are The Companion, you would identify with The Helper and have some traits of The Reformer. You are definitely service-oriented and altruistic and want to remove all human suffering. However, you are also a lot quieter and reserved than The Helper at its core. In fact, you would be likely to stifle any negative emotions that you are experiencing.

You would also feel resentful if you were not feeling appreciated the same way as The Helper would at its core. However, you would not become possessive. You would withdraw and become conflicted internally as you would keep meeting the needs of others. And you would keep putting your own on the back burner. You could also be overly critical which is from the 1 wing for not doing enough for others. It is always important to remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Type 2w3 The Host

When you think of a host, you think of someone who hosts a get-together in their home. And making connections with others is highly important to Type 2w3. This type shares the characteristics of other Helpers but has traits of The Achiever. Like The Host, you are quite altruistic and extremely sociable at the same time whereas The Companion is far more withdrawn. You enjoy making connections and want to help make the world a better place.

Your biggest fear is being worthless if you don’t make a positive difference and this is why your main goal is to build connections with others. You will do what you can to meet the needs of your own community. You want to be appreciated and loved and this is why you become quite attached and attentive to others.

One of your fears is to be disliked. You also repress negative emotions. However, it can easily turn into angry outbursts. Especially if the stress keeps building up. Therefore, keep that in mind to release stress by doing yoga or meditation, or getting involved in any hobbies that calm you down. Your fear of being undervalued is also why you would be more competitive than other Type 2s.

So you can see how the wings really do make a difference in how each type expresses themselves and their behaviors.