Are you the type that is known to be overly ambitious? Are you naturally optimistic and enthusiastic? Is setting and achieving your goals a priority? And are you constantly concerned about beating your competition? Then if you say ‘yes’ to all of these questions, then you likely have the Enneagram Type 3 personality.

The name for this personality type is The Achiever, which is also referred to as The Performer. And The Achiever has a need to not just be accepted but to be valued and admired for your hard work. Success is highly important to you and you will move mountains to succeed. You also have a need to be recognized for their success and validated because of it.

The Enneagram Type 3 has strengths and weaknesses like the other types. And let’s look at the strengths to start.

The Strengths Of The Achiever

If you are The Achiever, you will see that you can relate to the strengths of this Enneagram type. They are:

  • You have the drive and desire to succeed and attain goals
  • You are motivating around others
  • You know how to connect with others, naturally
  • You are highly efficient
  • You are practical
  • You are quite adaptable
  • Personal development is important to you
  • You are highly charismatic
  • Challenges do not scare you, in fact they are quite the opposite

Those are the strengths of The Achiever. However, like any other type, there are weaknesses as well.

The Weaknesses Of The Achiever

You are highly concerned about being successful and you have the drive to make it happen. That is all great. However, there are behaviors that this type exhibits frequently that are not healthy. They are:

  • You worry too much about personal image
  • Failure is not an option and you cannot handle it if it happens
  • It is easy to lose touch with your feelings, or you simply avoid them
  • You fear that if you don’t succeed that you are not good enough or worthy of love
  • You feel the only way to be validated is to be successful
  • You can be too competitive to the point that it consumes you
  • You can appear vain and egotistical

The only way to help you become healthier as far as your type goes is to really understand that your value has nothing to do with what you accomplish. And it has nothing to do with your public image. You want to focus on being yourself instead of becoming who you think the world wants you to be. It is also important to take one step back if you are getting too caught up in your goal to appreciate what you have. It does not mean to not go after it, but to relax a little.

The best type of careers for The Achiever are:

  • Investment banker
  • Politician
  • Lawyer
  • Coach
  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketer
  • Advertising
  • Surgeon
  • Financial Analyst

If you are The Achiever, do you have any of these careers?