The wings of the Enneagram Type 3 are 2 and 4. And the Enneagram Type 3w2 is known as the Enchanter, and the Enneagram Type 3w4 is known as the Expert. Let’s talk more about these types in detail.

Type 3w2 The Enchanter

If your Enneagram type is 3w2, then you will identify with mostly the core Type 3. However, you will take on some traits of The Helper. You still have a strong desire to be accepted as well as admired. You also look for value through what you accomplish which will only make you go deeper into your work.

You also have a tendency to adjust your persona based on who is paying attention to you. You do that so you feel you are liked easily. This might cause you to be more of a ‘character’ than you being yourself.  In other words, you highly focus on how you appear socially rather than showing others who you really are. You are known to be highly encouraging to others. However, you also can be quite possessive even if you don’t realize it, and maybe the type to manipulate others unintentionally. Always be mindful of that.

The 3w4 has differences, and let’s now talk about The Expert.

Type 3w4 The Expert

The Expert takes on mostly the traits of the core Type 3. However, you would also share some traits of the Type 4 Individualist. You are very serious about your work and career. You are hard-working. However, you are a Type 3 that is more introverted than the other types. Additionally, you also seek your identity in the work you do. You are also extremely focused on your tasks.

You are also a lot more controlled and you can refrain yourself more easily than the other Type 3s. But your fear of being unworthy stems beyond what you accomplish. You have a general fear of it the same way as The Individualist does. And you focus heavily on your professional development as you strive to keep improving and you aim to be the expert in your field. You are also a practical worker, and you are highly attentive to the tasks you need to take care of.

Therefore, The Enchanter would be the type to work with a group of others whereas The Expert would be the type to work in solitude. The Helper is a social type and The Individualist is more introverted. And that is how they change up the core Type 3.