Have you always found yourself feeling like you’re so unique that you never really fit in? And at the same time, are you unusually creative and/or intuitive? Do you have an appreciation for the arts? And do you consider yourself to be very in tune with your emotions? Are you quite sensitive? Then you may just be the Enneagram Type 4, The Individualist.

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Who is Enneagram Type 4 – The Individualist? 

The Individualist is also known as The Artist, The Romantic, or The Creative. If you have this Enneagram type you possess the qualities described above. You are also are seeking your own identity and want to be unique. You want to make your uniqueness quite known as well. You are the introverted type as you don’t like to be in group settings, but have a desire for relationships at the same time. Like the other Enneagram types, Type 4s have their own strengths and weaknesses. Let’s go over the strengths first.

What are the Strengths Of The Individualist?

If you are Type 4, then your strong points are:

  • You know exactly how to connect with your emotions
  • You are sensitive to the feelings of others
  • You know about your growth areas
  • Creativity and deep-thinking come naturally to you
  • You are authentically yourself
  • You listen to your own intuition well
  • You have a desire to leave a lasting impression on the world and that motivates you to do just that

Those are the strengths that The Individualist possesses. However, like the other types, you would have some weaknesses as well. Let’s go over those right now.

What are the Weaknesses Of The Individualist?

This Enneagram type definitely has challenges to face, and they include:

  • You withdraw when life gets difficult
  • You tend to fixate on what you don’t have
  • You have a strong and negative reaction to any type of hardship
  • You have a deep fear of not having any significance
  • You tend to struggle with envy and jealousy
  • Self-esteem can be a struggle
  • You can be self-absorbed

However, there are ways you can improve your health as The Individualist. You can learn to recognize and redirect motivations that may be self-centered. You can also take moments to look at the good things in life. There are breathing exercises to try out when life gets overwhelming. And allow others to help you work through your problems.

What are the Best Careers for the Individualist?

The careers that The Individualist would fall into would usually involve creativity. Options are:

  • Photography
  • Hairstyling
  • Writing
  • Acting
  • Dance instructing
  • Designing
  • Personal training
  • Art of any type
  • Music

However, what you may be likely to do is take a job that is more mundane for the purpose of pursuing your dreams such as becoming an artist or a musician. And The Individualist would not want to normally work at a job that is mundane but knowing that is the only way you make a living and to pursue a dream, is the only choice at times!