Are you the type to be highly curious and have a need to do plenty of research for the sake of gaining new knowledge? Do you aim to have a deeper understanding of the world and life in general? And are you also the type to have a need for privacy? If you answered ‘yes’ to these, then it is quite possible that you have the Enneagram Type 5 personality.

This personality type is known as The Observer, or The Investigator, or The Thinker. The Observer is known to be the type to focus on building and expanding knowledge and skills. You would do this by researching as well as observing the environment around you. You would also be the type to take courses or read material that can help you build skills. You have a preference to spend time by yourself. Just like the other types, you would have strengths and weaknesses. Let’s go over them now.

The Strengths Of The Observer

You have some key strengths which are:

  • Having the ability to think through problems that are complex
  • You are constantly picking up and learning new skills
  • You know how to stay calm during crises
  • You are great when it comes to focusing on any task at hand
  • Your curiosity helps you grasp new concepts and things

However, just like the other types, The Observer has some weaknesses as well. Let’s go over those now.

The Weaknesses Of The Observer

Gaining knowledge and skills is what The Observer is known for but there are weaknesses of this type that can create some roadblocks. they are:

  • It is hard for you to relate to the emotions of others
  • It is difficult for you to be connected to your feelings and emotions
  • You tend to isolate and detach yourself from others
  • You can appear to be condescending even if you don’t mean to be
  • Your deep fear is to be useless or not adequate

Therefore, the things to do when it comes to improving yourself are to take time to listen to what others are saying and sharing. Work with connecting to your feelings and work through the emotions you have. Be sure to appreciate and be thankful for those who do nice things for you. Learn to recognize when you are withdrawing too much, and make an effort to engage with others.

The ideal careers for The Observer are:

  • Computer programming
  • Science-related careers
  • Writing
  • Technician
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics

If you are The Observer, what is your line of work and are you happy with what you have chosen to get into?