Are you the type that has difficulty trusting anything or anyone until you find a good reason to do so? Are you the type that will always be loyal to those who you care about no matter what? Specifically, you will be honest with them no matter how uncomfortable it may be? Are you always looking for safety and comfort? Are you hard-working and reliable? Then you may be The Loyal Cycnic, or the Enneagram Type 6. The other name for this type is The Loyalist.

The Loyal Cynic has the desire to feel safe and secure, and there is also that desire to build strong relationships. However, the only thing that causes you to take your time with that is by getting to know the other people better. You need to find that reason to be confident that they are trustworthy. You are the type to expect the worst but at the same time to hope for the best. And like the other types, you have some strengths and weaknesses. Let’s go over the strengths first.

The Strengths Of The Loyal Cynic

The Loyal Cynic’s strengths are:

  • You make choices that are practical and responsible
  • You are protective of others, especially of those who you care about
  • You know how to base your decisions on logic and emotion
  • You are the type to honor commitments
  • You understand and recognize the perspectives that others have
  • You are hard-working

However, there are weaknesses as well that are associated with The Loyal Cynic. Let’s go over those now.

The Weaknesses Of The Loyal Cynic

The weaknesses that your Enneagram type faces are:

  • You have a hard time with controlling anxious feelings and thoughts
  • You have a tendency to be pessimistic
  • You are afraid to make important life decisions
  • You are the type to stick to your comfort zone
  • There are high levels of insecurity and self-doubt
  • You are strongly afraid of losing your support system

The best thing to do when it comes to becoming healthy as far as your personality type goes is to do your best not to magnify problems that you are facing. It is also important to focus on the things that have worked out in your favor and to challenge yourself not to expect failure all of the time. There are best-fitting occupations for The Loyal Cynic, and they are:

  • Banking
  • Law enforcement
  • Administrative assistance
  • Nursing
  • Caregiving
  • Law
  • Professor

Are you The Loyal Cynic? And do you have any of the occupations listed? If not, what do you do and are you happy with it?