The Loyal Cynic has either the 5 or the 7 wing which flavors that Enneagram type differently. The 6w5 is known as The Guardian, and the 6w7 is The Confidant. You are probably wondering why the dog is the featured image for this post. That is because a dog can either be your guardian or your confidant. And dogs are incredibly loyal, just like the Enneagram Type 6. And let’s now talk more about The Guardian in detail.

6w5 The Guardian

If you are The Guardian, you share most traits with other Type 6s but you also have traits of The Observer. You are extremely hard-working, analytical, and intellectual, but very cautious the same way as other Loyal Cynics are. Even though you are more independent than others that have your Enneagram type, you are still very loyal to those who are supportive to you. You are a lot more serious than other Type 6s.

You are afraid of losing your stability as well as guidance and you show that through skepticism. You also have a tendency to project the feelings you have onto everyone else. And unfortunately what that does is make you trust the world a lot less.

The other wing which is the 7 wing makes the Loyal Cynic a lot different from the 5 wing. Let’s go over that now.

6w7 The Confidant

The Confidant, or the 6w7 shares most traits with other type 6s but has some Type 7 traits as well. Therefore, you would be quite loyal and hard-working. However, you are a lot more personable and you really enjoy making new friends. In other words, you have a lighter side to The Loyal Cynic.

But at the same time, you have the same type of fears as other type 6s have. You are still very scared of losing your support system. The way you express it is through humor that is considered to be self-deprecating.  This is a way to get the assurance you need from others. And what makes you different from Type 7s is that you do honor your commitments but remember, you are still a Type 6 so that is why that would be.

The one thing that you do the same as your counterparts with the 5 wing is by projecting your feelings onto others. This will easily lead to plenty of misunderstandings and will add a lot of strain to relationships.

As you can see how each of the wings serves different purposes for The Loyal Cynic.