If you are The Challenger, you have either the 7 wing or the 9 wing that dominates your type which differentiates your type in many ways. The 8w7 is known as The Nonconformist and the 8w9 is The Diplomat. As you can see from those names alone how different they really are. Let’s talk more about The Nonconformist first.

8w7 The Nonconformist

If you are The Nonconformist, you will share most traits with The Challenger but will share many traits of The Enthusiast as well. You are extremely confident, pragmatic, and sociable. You are also very ambitious and you absolutely need to do your own thing. I dislike following the rules even more than your core type. In fact, you are quite afraid to be controlled by anyone else and you strongly dislike authority. Working alone is your preference.

You tend to dream big and you have a strong creative side to you. You do think more practically than The Enthusiast does, and as your core, you are an excellent advocate for others. But you also have a difficult time with vulnerability.  You know how to inspire others and you can share your thoughts and opinions quite openly.

However, you also appear to be impatient and insensitive, and you can struggle with self-indulgence. That is basically the main traits of The Nonconformist. Now, let’s go to the other wing and delve more into The Diplomat.

8w9 The Diplomat

You being The Diplomat is a lot different from The Nonconformist. If your dominant wing is 9, then you will still share most traits of The Challenger but also share many traits of The Peacemaker. You are still quite protective, independent, and confident. However, you have more of a gentle and patient side than other Type 8s.

You have a strong fear of being hurt by others, and you will go great lengths to avoid situations where you know you won’t have control. You tend to guard yourself well against anything that you perceive as a threat. You may tend to build walls that are emotional and you don’t want to be seen as vulnerable like other Type 8s. Even though you refuse to take orders from others, you are a lot more calm and laid-back than your type that has the other dominant wing.

What makes you different from other Type 8s is that you know how to see the perspective of others, and you also give attention to others. You know how to support others as you lead them well. You can also be stubborn and can have a temper.

As you can see, there are vast differences between the 8w7 and the 8w9. If you are The Challenger, which wing is your dominant one?