Are you the type that simply craves peace? And do you tend to allow others to use their voice before you use yours? And are you the type to help mediate conflicts that others are having, but you avoid getting into a conflict yourself? If that is the case then you may be The Peacemaker or the Type 9 Enneagram.

The Peacemaker is also known as The Mediator. That is because as the Enneagram Type 9, you simply crave peace and harmony, and you will help others come to a resolution who are arguing. Like other Enneagram Types, the Peacemaker has strengths and weaknesses. Let’s talk about the Enneagram Type 9 strengths.

Strengths Of The Peacemaker

If you are the Peacemaker, your strong points are:

  • Having the ability to see different perspectives
  • You are adaptable a lot more than you give yourself credit for and agreeable
  • You know how to support others around you and to reassure them
  • You are very open-minded and you are the least judgmental type
  • You are good with helping others make up after getting into an argument as mentioned previously

However, there are weaknesses as well that are associated with this Enneagram type. Let’s talk about that now.

Weaknesses Of The Peacemaker

The struggles that The Peacemaker has are:

  • Not being able to handle being in conflicts of their own so they do what they can to avoid them
  • Being indecisive
  • Not speaking up when they should
  • Avoiding stressful situations
  • Minimizing and ignoring problems
  • Issues with passive-aggression rather than being upfront when upset or angry
  • Become explosive with anger when it builds up too much

There is also a strong fear about loss and separation that The Peacemaker struggles with. However, there are ways to evolve into better health. It is important to recognize that conflict is extremely important and necessary at times, as well as beneficial. Additionally, it’s highly important to work through any negative emotions. It is highly important to address any issue that you are upset about in order to avoid passive-aggressive behavior and blowing up. Also, physical activity is also a great way to be in touch with your body.

The careers that are ideal for The Peacemaker are:

  • Editing
  • HR manager
  • Counseling
  • Psychiatrist
  • Social work
  • Veterinarian
  • Diplomat
  • Clergy worker

Therefore, these are the ideal careers for you as The Peacemaker. Do you have any of these careers? If not, if you are involved in something else, how do you feel about it?