The wings of The Peacemaker are 8 and 1, and 9w8 is known as The Advisor, and 9w1 is known as The Negotiator. There are key differences and similarities. Let’s go over The Advisor first.

9w8 The Advisor

The Advisor shares most traits with The Peacemaker but has some traits of The Challenger. You are independent and have a social streak, and you need to have their routine to stick to as well. However, you are also more decisive and assertive than other Type 9s. There is an adventurous side as well that other Type 9s don’t have.

Even though you are more assertive, you still dislike conflict and this issue causes inner tension as a result. You still desire peace as the other Type 9s do. You also avoid problems and numb yourself through your routine as well as patterns that are repetitive. This is a distraction for you.

However you are good when it comes to supporting others, and you can be a good leader as well. But you can also be quite stubborn and blunt.

There are key differences and similarities between the 9w8 and the 9w1. Let’s talk more about The Negotiator now.

9w1 The Negotiator

You are The Negotiator, and you share most traits with The Peacemaker but share some with The Reformer as well. You are very hard-working as well as friendly. You are creative but at the same time, you tend to be more of an idealist and more serious than the other Type 9s.

You are quite optimistic and you also need a routine for comfort. You are the type to want to help the lives of others and you have a very strong work ethic. You are focused with what you do, and you are quite motivated. You know how to see different perspectives, and you do not judge others.

But at the same time, you tend to overlook your own needs and you can be extremely critical of yourself. When you are stressed out, you may seem aloof or even cold. Conflict is an area of stress for you as well. The Advisor does not like conflict either but the 9w8 knows how to be assertive at the same time.

If you are The Peacemaker, what is your dominant wing? Which type do you associate yourself more with? Are you The Advisor or The Negotiator? And if you have identified that, why do you feel that way?