“Real magic in relationships means an absence of judgment of others.” ~Wayne Dyer

Since the moment you made the plans for your first date, you’ve been sweating more than usual – and you keep having nightmares about showing up without your pants.

You are going on your first date and you are nervous – we get it!

You met your potential mate through a dating website and maybe you’re more afraid of how you will appear than anything about your date. Did that profile pic really show your true self? What if they think you’ve pulled a bait and switch on them? You would feel so humiliated!

Or maybe you’re worried that you could unintentionally offend your potential partner?

First Date Tips to Leave Them Wanting More Every. Single. Time.

Chin up, buttercup! We’ve got your back. Just follow these steps, and you’ll leave them wanting more!

1. Be Sure To Listen More Than You Talk – Yes, you absolutely do want to talk about yourself and your interests, however, be sure to listen to everything that your potential mate says so that it is apparent that you care. This way, when you are listening, your potential partner will not question whether or not you care about what is being said to you.

2. Always Be Polite – The one thing you want to make sure that you do when you are around your potential partner is to be polite to others, always! For example, if you are dining out, be sure to be polite to the waiter or waitress by saying please and thank you, and don’t get impatient either. Impatience is a turnoff and politeness is a big turn on!

3. Don’t Forget To Smile And Laugh – Having a sunny disposition is an attractive trait. That means you will want to smile and laugh often. However, when you do laugh, be sure to laugh at anything that is truly funny. Never mock anyone or talk behind anyone’s back because that is never impressive at all.

4. Offer Help– If you want to make a good impression for your potential mate, then offering help in any way possible will do just that. For example, if your potential mate is having a rough time with a family member that is ill due to having to take time off of work and run errands, lend your potential partner a helping hand. Offer to pick up groceries or anything that is needed while you are going out to shop. Anything that you can offer will not make your potential mate wonder whether you are a kind person or not.

5. Never Be Judgemental – The last thing you ever want to do is appear judgemental when you are going out on a date. That means to not talk behind people’s backs or even appear judgemental to your date if they have made choices that you may not agree with. Remember that everyone has a story, and everyone has challenges, and being judgemental will not impress anyone. If you can try to put yourself into your date’s shoes, then that will be impressive.

If you take these 5 tips and utilize them for when you are going on your first date, or the second, or third, then you will never have to worry about whether or not your date thinks you are a nice person!

*BONUS* Don’t forget that just as they’re evaluating YOU, you’re evaluating them. Don’t miss the red flags of a toxic person – you might just save yourself YEARS of trouble!

Plus: This video will help you catch toxic profiles ahead of time on dating sites.