It is very tempting at times to gossip about others who are doing things that you don’t agree with. Especially if they have done you wrong. However, the fact of the matter is that gossiping can cause more problems in your inner and outer life than what it is worth. Think about this as well. The person who you are gossiping about eventually will know about what you are saying. Once it gets back to them then it will be harmful to you in many ways.

However, there are 5 ways that you can stop gossiping right now so you can save yourself a lot of trouble. Let’s go over them.

1. Find A Gossip Buddy Who You Trust

If you cannot help yourself and have the need to gossip, but you know you are trying to stop, then it is fine to find one buddy who you can trust. Explain to them that you are trying to stop gossiping but since it is difficult to stop cold turkey, you need someone to trust who will not leak anything you say. And hold yourself accountable to only gossip about others to that one trusted friend or family member – and no one else.

2. Be Mindful Of What You Say

If you feel a snarky comment about someone coming, nip it in the bud before it comes out. And if it slips, apologize and ask the other individual to not say anything and explain that you are trying to stop talking about others.

3. Don’t Respond To Anyone Else’s Gossip

Others could be talking about people to you and when they do, don’t even respond to it. Don’t give in to the conversation or else it will be back to how it was before you started to become mindful of the gossiping issue. In fact, change the subject. Talk about something else like the weather, and if you really want to gossip then talk about politicians if you absolutely must. Talk about celebrities. But not about others who you know personally.

4. Remember That Everyone Is Facing Their Own Challenges

If you are gossiping about someone who did you wrong, you don’t have to like them or even forgive them for that matter. But just keep in mind that they are battling their own challenges and demons too. Therefore, as easy as it is to judge, keep that in mind. The same goes for those who you think are making bad decisions. It does not affect you in one way or another so let them do what is best for them as you don’t know their stories. Either way, they should not be the topic of conversation.

5. Challenge Yourself To A Gossip Fast For One Day

Can you designate one day that you do not talk about others, at all? The best thing is to test it out and if you succeed by the end of the day, then you can see how capable you are of not talking about others!

And remember, put yourself into the shoes of those who you talk about as well. You wouldn’t want anyone gossiping about you! Never forget that.