If you’re anything like us, you keep smiling at people when you walk past them these days, despite the fact that you might be wearing a government-mandated mask. But you might also find yourself struggling to get a feel for the people around you who are also hidden behind their masks. But good news!

You’re no longer left to guess at it. There is now a handy new chart that will help you decipher 32 different emotions – all without being able to see the bottom half of someone’s face.


The facial expressions in the chart, which was created by the team at Uncrowd, range from everything from infuriated and fearful to happy and extremely surprised.

A handful of the emotions featured on the chart include ‘zoned out and ‘wtf’, with each of the 36 moods carefully colour coded to indicate if it is a positive or negative emotion.

Source www.dailymail.co.uk