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Weekly Horoscopes November 23 to November 30 What’s In The Stars

After Mars finally went direct last week, you are relieved. You can find it within to motivate yourself so you can do the things that you couldn't during the retrograde.  That means you are starting off the Sagittarius season with a fresh and invigorating feeling...

Weekly Horoscopes November 16 to November 23 What’s In The Stars

Mars is now direct which will bring a lot of relief in the air. There are some notable transits happening this week to know about, starting with Venus in Libra squaring Jupiter in Capricorn. Be careful to not overspend your money and overindulge. On the 19th, Mercury...

What Kind Of Hairstyle Suits You Based On The Enneagram?

Have you thought about the type of hairstyle that suits you? Perhaps you haven't paid much attention to why you like a certain appearance as opposed to others. It may have to do with your Enneagram type. Are you ready to find out what type of hairstyle suits you based...

What Is For Dinner? You Enneagram Type Will Determine That

What is for dinner? Sometimes that is hard to figure out. It all boils down to what you plan to add to your grocery shopping list. There are some ideas. Your Enneagram type will help you determine what you can get for dinner. Why not look at some sample meals that may...

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Weekly Horoscopes November 9 to November 16 What’s In The Stars

Wow, there is so much happening this week! As you know last week there was so much relief about Mercury going direct. On the 10th, Mercury heads back into Scorpio as it was in Libra for a while. Your perceptions will be stronger and you will have a clearer mind which...

Enneagram Type 9 Wings: Wings 8 and 1

The wings of The Peacemaker are 8 and 1, and 9w8 is known as The Advisor, and 9w1 is known as The Negotiator. There are key differences and similarities. Let's go over The Advisor first. 9w8 The Advisor The Advisor shares most traits with The Peacemaker but has some...

Enneagram Type 9: What There Is To Know About The Peacemaker

Are you the type that simply craves peace? And do you tend to allow others to use their voice before you use yours? And are you the type to help mediate conflicts that others are having, but you avoid getting into a conflict yourself? If that is the case then you may...

Enneagram Type 8 Wings: Wings 7 and 9

If you are The Challenger, you have either the 7 wing or the 9 wing that dominates your type which differentiates your type in many ways. The 8w7 is known as The Nonconformist and the 8w9 is The Diplomat. As you can see from those names alone how different they really...

Enneagram Type 8: What There Is To Know About The Challenger

Are you the type that has a strong need to be in control no matter what is happening in your life? Are you also the type who is first to defend those who are either unable to defend themselves or who won't be heard? Are you extremely independent and don't like...

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