“We must not allow other people’s limited perceptions to define us.” ~Virginia Satir

After you go through a toxic relationship with a narcissist, you are very likely to have an impaired ability to see yourself clearly. Thanks to months, years or even decades of conditioning, you probably have a very damaged self-perception. But it’s time for you to take another look at your amazing self and see the truth.

You’re much better than you’ve been giving yourself credit for – and it’s time you recognize, accept and embrace your greatness. Stick with me – let’s work together to change your self-perception, one baby-step at a time. I promise you, this will change everything.

How To Change Your Self Perception (After a Toxic Relationship)

Try these 7 tips and techniques on how to change your self-perception after a toxic relationship if you’ve ever wondered:

Well..this one’s for you! This video contains 7 powerful tips and techniques on how to change your self-perception after a toxic relationship.

1. Your previous beliefs and knowledge can prevent you from gaining new knowledge. If you think you know something already, you won’t be open to new views. Knowledge is great, but when it gets in the way of learning something new, it’s poison.

2. Ask more questions. Be curious.

3. Pretend that you’re a beginner.

4. Determine if your beliefs are truths, or merely just beliefs. Beliefs are personal, often unprovable, and often no more correct than another belief. Truths don’t require constant validation. For example, gravity is a truth.

5. Where did your belief come from?

6. Let go of your identity. Our identities are largely built around our beliefs.

7. What is the cost of your beliefs? Some beliefs come with a heavy price. Look at your beliefs and consider the impact they are having on you.