The Coronavirus just appeared out of nowhere. It is highly contagious, and this is why the order for social distancing has been put into place in most countries. How well are you coping with the sudden changes? Here is a better question. How well can you really cope with the sudden changes that are implemented? That will depend on your zodiac sign. Let’s find out how you can make the most of this crazy time based on your sign.

Aries – You are a super cleaner, and you are the one to go only once or twice a week to go grocery shopping to make sure that your home is stocked up. You will sterilize everything you touch and you’ll keep your hands clean.

Taurus – You enjoy being at home, as you can watch the movies you want, read the books you want, and you are using up that stash of chocolate at your leisure.

Gemini – There are plenty of good books to read so you have no problem with keeping your mind busy. Additionally, social distancing does not mean to stop talking to people. You will not catch the virus by chatting online or by text.

Cancer – You are taking the opportunity to make some nice home-cooked meals as well as looking into ideas on how to design your home differently. Being at home is also quite fine for you since this is where your heart is!

Leo – You are busy watching the best movies on Netflix, and you are even rehearsing some plays on your own, even though no one is watching. It is something to do anyway. You may even begin to write a novel since you are making good use of your creativity.

Virgo – Your keep cleaning your home, you are eating healthy foods, and you are working out so you increase your chances of staying healthy.

Libra – This is the hardest for you since you have a social sign. However, keeping in touch with your friends on social media does help. You have a few romance novels to read as well to keep your mind busy

Scorpio – Investigating new ways to stay safe is what you will be busy doing. You will be the one to go grocery shopping and will keep yourself clean because you would not want anyone else who may be more vulnerable health-wise than you to go.

Sagittarius – This is hard for you because traveling is not permitted. However, you can take advantage of virtual tours that interesting places are offering.

Capricorn – Starting or expanding your online business since those are always up and running is what you are doing. You have the time now and make the most of it!

Aquarius – Staying away from others is not a problem for you since you like to keep to yourself anyway. And you will also find innovative ways to keep yourself safe when you are having to run errands to shop for necessities.

Pisces – Indulging in your artsy side is a great thing to do. Take out the canvas and paint, and start painting. There is more time as well to meditate and get in touch with your spiritual side.

What sign are you and how are you coping?