During the times of uncertainty such as facing the COVID-19 pandemic currently, the best thing for anyone to do is to use coping mechanisms while they are quarantined at home. What type of coping mechanisms that are healthy can help you? That can really depend on your Enneagram type. Let’s now look and see how each of the 9 types copes the best during this stressful time.

Type 1 – The Reformer – There is no better time than this to organize the home, and to designate different drawers for different items. Set a schedule to work from home, and to clean and organize. Chances are that plenty of items will be discovered that will not be needed as you go through your belongings. Those can be set aside for donation or for junking.

Type 2 – The Helper – Ordering plenty of comfort food from doing grocery shopping online to cook up for the family. Watching plenty of comforting movies from the den all cozy with the family.

Type 3 – The Achiever – Staying as productive as possible. This means learning a new skill, enhancing the ones that you have, and making sure there is plenty of time in the day to get a good workout in. Staying fit is also highly important.

Type 4 – The Individualist – This is a great time to write a new novel, or listen to music during times of stress. Even create your own music if you have the instruments to play. You can always get some on Amazon or improvise by using household items.

Type 5 – The Observer – Staying up to date on the latest news, and making sure that the best tactics to stay safe are utilized. Just be careful not to become bombarded with too much news. This is not an emotional type on the outside, but stress can be felt and experienced on the inside by shutting down. Learning a brand new skill is also a great idea.

Type 6 – The Loyal Cynic – Turning off the news!! And replace it by listening to feel-good stories, about how others have been kind to others during this time.

Type 7 – The Enthusiast – Taking virtual vacations by exploring different countries through Google Earth or checking out new interesting places virtually. Also having a good dance every now and then is great. Go have a virtual dance party as well as your friends on Skype will be partying with one another.

Type 8 – The Challenger – Staying in control of what you can control and allowing you to let things that you cannot control happen. Motivate others around you to do productive tasks as well.

Type 9 – The Peacemaker – Napping is a great distraction, but you cannot be asleep all of the time. Therefore, why not take up a new hobby and indulge every now and then and bake some cookies.

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Based on your Enneagram type, what do you think you will do in order to cope in a healthy way during this time?