Tired of Binge-Watching Narcissist Videos? Watch this. Life hasn’t always been a bed of roses, but you’re a survivor and you’ve done a lot of the work of healing. Now, you’re starting to feel like it’s time to get on with it. You’re ready to be done with healing. You’re ready to start actually living and becoming the person you want to be – and creating the life you deserve. Well, my friend. You have come to the right place.

Introducing Shine.Buzz Daily! So much of what we see in the media today is negative. And the unfortunate fact is that it negatively affects our entire lives in bigger ways than we realize.

When our vibration is low, we attract more negativity into our lives. But SHINE.Buzz is here to change all that.

It’s all about positive, inspirational, funny and/or helpful stuff intended to help give you that daily “SHINE Buzz” you need to lift your vibration and begin to attract more positivity into your life every day.

In this video, I’m introducing the brand new Shine Buzz Daily Show on YouTube.

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