Olive oil is one of the best types of oil that you can use because it has so many excellent health benefits. Especially the extra virgin olive oil. It is ideal for cooking, and it tastes great as a salad dressing along with balsamic vinegar. However, there are 5 other ways that olive oil can be helpful to you. Let’s go over those cool things you can do with this great stuff right now.

1. Olive Oil Is Great For Getting Zippers Unstuck

One of the most annoying things that can happen is that a zipper can get stuck. You attempt to zip up or undo the zip and a piece of fabric gets caught in the teeth. It is not easy to remove, and then after yanking the zipper over and over again, it either breaks off or becomes even more stuck. But before you yank at a zipper that is stuck, put some olive oil on the area where it is jammed and that will help it move again. This will save the item that was affected.

2. Quiets Down Hinges

Whenever door or cabinet hinges squeak, that gets tiring to listen to. And if you have kids in the house, you cannot use WD-40 to quiet it down as that is not safe to be in the presence of children. However, if you put some olive oil on the hinges, it will do the same trick. It will help quiet it down.

3. Olive Oil Gets Rid Of Sticker Residue

Whenever you take off stickers or labels, the residue will stick around and it will become difficult to take off. Even if you scrub it with water and soap. It is not easy to remove. However, if you put some olive oil on the sticker residue, then it will come off after wiping it with a cloth. You can also remove stickers, in general, this way.

4. Nails Stay Clean

You know how much dirt and debris can get into the cuticles of your nails and cause them to become dirty. If you put some olive oil on your nails and the cuticles, then you will be able to remove the dirt and debris quite easily. Be sure to apply some olive oil on your nails so you stay clean and that also means the chances of infections are reduced.

5. Razors Can Be Kept Fresh

It is a known fact that razors do rust over time. However, if you want to preserve your razors, then you will want to put some olive oil on them and then wipe it off. You can do this as often as you like. It will keep them clean as well, and your money will be saved on razors as well.

Do you have any other ideas of what else can be done with olive oil? If so, please share!