Larena Robinson is doing her part to change the world, one mind at a time. And we LOVE the way she’s going about it, starting in her very own back yard. She’s been creating some beautiful artwork on her back fence and using it to share a beautiful life philosophy with the world during these troubling times. 

“I was just sad, and I decided to come out here one day and talk to the Lord, talk to people on Facebook,” she said. “Right now, there’s so many things … dividing us as human beings, not just different cultures and ethnicities. We need to have some sort of common ground. I love God’s people, period.”

So she painted a pretty Black woman amid splashes of red, pink, blue and yellow. Then she added the words “Live, love, laugh and repeat.”

“The basic things,” she said. “Try to live with liberty, try to live with love, live with making yourself happy. Reach out to others and repeat that process.”

Such creative outlets helped Robinson through troubled times. She said she grew up in foster homes and was even homeless for a while.