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About The Shine.Buzz Daily Show

The Shine.Buzz Daily Show is for you if you are tired of hearing about narcissists and toxic relationships and you’re ready to start living your life. You’ve done the work of healing and you’re ready to move forward. You feel yourself evolving and you’re ready to become the person you’re meant to be. You’re ready to create the life you want and deserve to have. This is next-level stuff.

Raise Your Vibration and Make Your Life Better – Right Now!

Shine.Buzz Daily is focused on intentional vibration management and each episode aims to empower you. Why? Because when our vibration is low, we attract more negativity into our lives.

That doesn’t mean we’re cursed or that the Universe is “out to get us,” this is simply how the law of attraction works. And often, survivors of narcissistic abuse and other kinds of trauma find themselves vibrationally challenged, to say the very least.

But SHINE.Buzz is here to change all that. It’s all about positive, inspirational, funny and/or helpful stuff intended to help give you that daily “SHINE Buzz” you need to lift your vibration and begin to attract more positivity into your life every day.

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Let’s Catch a Shine Buzz!