You know how everyone seems to secretly think that being married is the key to happiness? It turns out that single – and divorced – people aren’t doomed, after all. A new study says that being married is not the only way to happy. It’s more about your mindset. (We’re not saying we told you so. But we kiiiiiiinda did. 

Anyhoo…here’s some helpful info and a link to the full article. 

Researchers from Michigan State University wanted to determine who was the happiest at the end of their lives: married people, formerly married people or single people.

They looked at the relationship histories from the age of 18 to 60 for more than 7,000 people.

After questioning them about their happiness, the study, published in the journal of positive psychology, found that those who were considered life-long singles, or those who had varied histories of moving in and out of relationships, were nearly as happy as those who were married.

They concluded happiness is more about the mindset than a ring on a finger.