“Most people are thinking about what they don’t want, and they’re wondering why it shows up over and over again.” ~John Assaraf

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What is Intentional Vibration Management?

Intentional Vibration Management is similar to mindfulness but involves constantly being aware of your thoughts and emotions and choosing to intentionally form an experience with both – as in choosing to feel healthy, to feel positive, to feel good. Feeling good brings your vibrations in alignment with the positive things you want in your life, rather than allowing your energy to vibrate toward your fears and other negative feelings.

Intentional Vibration Management: How to Take Control of Your Emotions

Would you believe me if I told you that you could learn to control your vibration and create a better life for yourself? Would you tell me that I was being naive? Or “slick,” maybe? Would you doubt my integrity? Or would you trust me enough to give it a shot?

The hardest time to really try to control your emotions is when they are BAD. When you’re sad, angry, offended, upset – emotionally devastated. But unfortunately, that is the most important time to use this ability to manage your emotions and monitor your personal vibration.

And that can feel impossible when you’re feeling such pain, such intense emotional devastation.

It might not comfort you to think about this now, but regardless of what you’re going through, someone has walked in your shoes before. We all have bad times in life when we feel hopeless. Everyone experiences unhappiness, dissatisfaction and even trauma and pain in varying situations we all go through over the course of our lives. We all feel lost or stuck at times. Sometimes, life just gets you down, right?

Here’s the Good News

But when you take the time to understand that you have some control over your experience, then you’ll understand the good news,

You don’t have to just lay down and take it anymore. You don’t have to just accept it for what “it” apparently IS.

That’s right. You can actively combat “the bad stuff” that comes up in your life over and over again. It could be as simple as changing your perspective or doing something enjoyable – something that makes you feel GOOD. You can choose, every moment, to feel healthy, happy, positive, productive, powerful – just generally GOOD.

But Feeling Good Isn’t Quite Enough…

While feeling good is not all that it takes to manifest the life you want, it most certainly affects your ability to succeed. However, if you DO feel positive or “good” more often than not, chances of your success are massively increased. There are countless studies that prove this. The process and logic are simple and explained in the video above.

Yet, feeling good is only one component.

So How Do You Give Yourself the Best Chance of Success?

You can start by learning how to control your own emotions, and in fact, your entire vibration using Intentional Vibration Management. While a positive, high-level vibration is going to be key in your ability to manifest the life that you really want, it only handles one component in a series of steps needed to create that life.

You also must take inspired action – and this is the key.

Your “good vibrations” combined with your inspired ACTION can lead you to achieve your goals and to get the things, people and situations you want in your life. And then, of course, you must be open to receiving.

As they say, you “bring about what you think about.” So, just choose what you think about, and you’re on your way.

Side note for the SPANily: Intentional vibration management also offers a healthy way for trauma survivors to take back control of their emotions, minds, experiences, and lives.

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