“A healthy diet is a solution to many of our health-care problems. It’s the most important solution.” ~John Mackey

Feeling unfocused? You might be dealing with a little brain fog. Maybe you need a pick-me-up? Steer clear of the soda pop machines and grab a handful of one of these amazingly tasty, all-natural foods.

In order to have a healthy body that functions at its best, you need to practice living a healthy lifestyle which consists of exercise and nutritious foods. However, nutrient-dense foods serve different purposes and if you are looking to eat foods that will help you improve your concentration and focus, then there are some recommended foods to eat for that.

And you want to be able to function during the day during your productive hours as much as you can.

5 Top Foods to Help You Focus Better

Lets now go over the 5 best foods to eat that will help you achieve that.

1. Blueberries

Blueberries have been shown to help improve your brain function as well as concentration and memory. That is because they are loaded with antioxidants that help keep the oxygen flow to the brain constant so you are able to focus well. This is why a great breakfast idea should include some blueberries as you can add some to your cereal. Not to mention, blueberries are low in calories and are highly delicious. Why not?

2. Avocados

Avocados are a fantastic food that is loaded with important nutrients, and it contains essential fatty acids that will help improve brain function and memory and will also keep the focus strong. You can also enjoy avocados for breakfast by spreading some on your toast and why not have a cup of blueberries to make it complete. The other great thing about avocados is that they are loaded with fiber which means you will not have the urge to snack and will keep you satisfied for a long time. Avocados are a thumbs up food all the way!

3. Dark Chocolate

You heard that right. Dark chocolate is a great food to eat in order to help increase your concentration levels. It contains properties that will help raise serotonin levels which means it will give your brain a good boost. It also helps with alleviating depression for that reason as well. Just keep in mind that only the dark chocolate will help which means it is chocolate that has at least 70% cacao and not the milk chocolate that you find at convenience stores easily. They are the ones that contain a lot of sugar and other unhealthy additives. Go for the dark one instead!

4. Salmon

Like avocados, salmon and other fatty fish are excellent for your brain function because it contains the essential fatty acids such as Omega 3s to help support your brain. Therefore it will help you increase your concentration levels. You can have salmon for lunch or for dinner as you can prepare it in any way you choose. The nutrients will stay.

5. Green Leafy Vegetables

Leafy greens such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts, kale, spinach, and so on are full of antioxidants as well as carotenoids that give your brain a boost. You can always have that for a side dish when you have a plate of salmon! That is powerful!

Now you know what foods to stock up on in order to boost your concentration levels! Do you have any other food recommendations that can help power your brain up?