How to Turn A Bad Day Into A Good One: A 10-Step Plan to Turn a Bad Day Into an Amazing Day – Plus Q&A

Have you ever had a bad day and decided to throw in the towel? A bad day can make you feel like giving up and waiting for tomorrow to come. However, a bad day can be saved. You really don’t get that many days over the course of a lifetime, so make the most of each day. With some effort and a little mental toughness, a bad day can be turned into a good day. Ready to turn it all around and have a great day? Learn to make a good day out of a bad day with these strategies:

1. Relax. It might FEEL LIKE your day is off to a terrible start, but it’s not over just yet. The first step is to take a deep breath and relax. Slow down your heart rate, think a few positive thoughts, and regain your composure. Put yourself in the right frame of mind to salvage the remainder of the day. There’s still hope!

2. Accomplish something. Get one little thing accomplished that you can check off your list. If you’re at home, make your bed or clean the kitchen counters. If you’re at work, send that email you’ve been avoiding. Give yourself a small success and a little momentum.

3. Call a friend. Or reach out to your support group – join one of mine at Call a friend and share your bad day. You want to call someone that will be encouraging. Avoid calling someone that will do more harm than good.

4. Make a plan for the remainder of the day. If you want to salvage the day, you need a plan. Look at the time you have left in the day and decide what’s most important to accomplish. Make a reasonable plan to get the most important things completed before the day is over. Pick one or two things that are most important and focus on those things. Remember to focus on controlling what you can and not what you can’t.

5. Be grateful. Gratitude can reset your attitude. When you feel grateful, you have a better perspective and can be more productive. You feel less hopeless when you experience gratitude. Do the 10 and 3 exercises!

6. Get some exercise. A bad day can create a lot of negative emotions. Those emotions create a lot of energy that needs to be burned off. Exercise is a great way to move toward feeling normal again. You can make wiser decisions when you’re less emotionally stimulated.

7. Pat yourself on the back! Seriously! Be proud of yourself for turning your day around. Allow yourself to feel proud as soon as you make even a tiny bit of progress. This will provide a well-needed boost to your mood, self-esteem, and progress.

8. Figure out what happened so you can avoid it tomorrow. Determine how you contributed to having a bad day. Some bad days are just random events, but others are not. Consider the origin of your bad day and brainstorm ways of preventing a repeat occurrence. Not all bad days can be prevented, but many can.

9. Get out your bullet journal, planner or notebook. Make a plan for tomorrow. Choose to make the most of tomorrow. You might have some catching up to do. Or, you might need to plan a night on the town with a few friends. Make up for having a bad day by having a magnificent day.

10. Go to bed at a decent hour if you can. Get a good night of sleep. You survived! Do your best to recharge your batteries and prepare for tomorrow. Hopefully, tomorrow will be much better. You’ll certainly feel better after a good night of rest.

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